Saturday, December 19, 2009

Goal achieved

Today I hit logged game number 31 and 32 on BGG. My goal for the year of logging a game a day for every month has been fulfilled. I am happy to say that these games were Stone Age and they were against my dad online. It's a different experience playing against my dad online than it is face to face, mainly because we're usually on the phone - but since I play online so much without the social aspect of gaming, playing with my dad is always more fun. I made sure that he was playing when I hit game #1,000 logged and that game was Cuba. Stone Age is another favorite, so I'm glad that was the game that finished my gaming resolution for 2009.

That brings me to another point. Is online gaming, gaming? I log all my online plays because I like to keep track of the games I've played. If I were to only log the face to face games, I would be around 60-70 or so, mainly on the weekends. Being able to sneak a few turns in over lunch and finishing games throughout the week bring the number way up. I consider online gaming log-able because even though the game isn't live and in person, it's still a game and the online portals I play at do maintain the consistency of the table version -- and many times it's so much easier to calculate scores - and let's not forget how great clean-up is!

This is a screen shot of game #32 for the month of December - Stone Age on

It was actually closer than the final score indicated. I was able to end the game by building a 1-7 resource hut worth 41 points. Granted, dad was just getting the hang of the game back - the last time he played was in June according to my BGG play list. So, he hung in there pretty well.

For 2010 there will not be a similar goal of hitting a game a month. I'll try my darndest to play as often as possible, but in the Fall semester I will be student teaching and I know a lot of my time will be spent writing lesson plans and prepping for that. So my goal for 2010 is to play and rate all of my unplayed and unrated games. The list is around 21 right now - here is the geeklist where I'll keep track.

The games I'm looking forward to the most as of right now are Princes of Florence, Havana, Tulipmania, and Louis XIV. The entire list is full of games I should've played by now - but those four stand out.

Have a great Holidays, a Merry Christmas and a great new year full of good games, good die rolls and lots of fun!

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