Sunday, September 6, 2009

WBC Review

I made a geeklist of games I played at WBC in 2008. I'm bummed that I didn't find a way to write one up about 2009, but this year is a transition year for me.

I lost my job in April and in the meantime I was able to pick up some contract work with Drexel. I also decided to go back to school to earn my certification to teach elementary school. Teaching was something I had thought about back in 2002, and again in 2004 - so losing my job was the final push I needed. I took summer classes that conflicted with WBC, but I was still able to make it to a few days worth of gaming.

Back in January, I made a few gaming resolutions. Some have been updated. One eliminated.

My resolutions were to log a game for every day in a month. We're in September and I've still good. There were a few months that came down to the last day where I was able to play enough, but for the most part this will be easy (especially since I found Uno on facebook).

I resolved to play each game I owned at least once. I still may try that, but after thinking about it - I didn't want to waste gaming time on games like Killer Bunnies or whodunit when I could use that gaming time for good games like Cuba, March Madness, Acquire, etc. So that was updated to "play as many games as I own that I can/I like". I'm good there too. I do have a few that I'd like to get out again, but I have time.

Finally, the resolution I eliminated. I wanted to reach the finals of Air Baron at WBC. I was able to win my opening heat - getting me into the semifinals, but again I met a semi table with bad luck and was unable to win. I did have a much better time playing in this years semi because I played with some people I know, people I consider friends. I told one after that it was more fun to lose that game than it was to win some games I'd played in the past. It's true too.

WBC was a good couple days of gaming. I was able to play some favorites like the aforementioned Air Baron, Power Grid, March Madness, Vegas Showdown, Stone Age, Acquire, and Superstar Baseball. I didn't get to try out too many "new" games though. I only learned one - Paydirt. A long football game in the same die rolling style of baseball.

I made a few semi-final tables. Air Baron was mentioned, and Vegas Showdown. The Vegas Showdown semi would've been a win if I had one more turn, but alas it turned into a 2 point loss.

I met up with some old WBC friends (from 2008 - it's amazing how quickly you make friends at conventions like WBC, and how good it is to see them again the next year) and made some new ones.

Mostly, what I'll remember from WBC is being able to hang out with my dad and our friend Johnny. Breakfast at the diner before hitting the gaming tables and winding down after a long day of playing usually book-ended our days.

I started looking forward to WBC'09 on the ride home last year. I started looking forward to WBC'10 on the ride home this year.

Shakeup in the Top Ten

I decided to update my top ten and there is a new #2.

Thanks to the El Presidente expansion, Cuba has moved into the #2 slot behind perennial top pick Air Baron.

Cuba has always been a game I enjoy and I'm going to start pushing to play this more at home. I'd like to get my play numbers up with this.

Power Grid stays at #3 for now, but with the lack of playing it's going to be tough to justify keeping it there. I love this game with 4 players, and it's .....ok for 3, but it's so rare to get 4 players to play this and I'm not a fan of the BSW system for some reason.

New #4 - Stone Age. Thanks to the Yucata implementation I've been able to play this a lot. 28 plays and counting. When I did my 1,000 logged geeklist, Stone Age sat ranked 23rd in terms of games played with 7. Now it ranks 10th. I expect this game to be the highest jumper when I put out my 1,500 logged list.

Everything else moved down with the exception of Vegas Showdown. I bumped that from 10 to 7. Tikal will overtake Air Baron in terms of plays shortly, as they are tied at 157 - but I've grown kinda weary on Tikal. I didn't think I could burn myself out on a game, but I'm pretty much there. I'll still enter the SpielbyWeb tournaments, but I'd rather play Stone Age online right now.

The updated top ten is on the right hand column with links to each game.