Saturday, August 8, 2009


Just got back from WBC. Will have some write ups later. I was just doing some reminiscing and re-read the WBC primer. This section really stood out to me.

Despite our themed background of championships, laurels and wood, WBC is about having fun. No game is worth winning, if in the process you antagonize your opponent(s) and cannot walk away from the table with the respect of those you've just played. PLEASE, if ever you find yourself about to chastise someone for "blowing the game" or playing poorly, I urge you to reconsider. Taking a loss out on an opponent with a verbal tongue lashing will not change the outcome, but it will brand you a "jerk". Dealing with subpar play in multi-player games is part of the landscape you've chosen to cultivate. It comes with the territory. Live with it - don't ruin someone's day. Above all, WBC admires sportsmanship. Be someone we want to welcome back - not someone we hope will stay away.

I still have some bad memories of games where this happened. Sometimes the wrath was in my direction, other times it was not. Either way, those game events are rotten memories now. I will come away from this year's WBC with one particular memory. My Air Baron semifinal heat - I am now 0-3 in ABN Semi's, but this year was a little different. It's always fun to play with my buddy Fred - and this year was no different. I made a bad open, wasn't lucky with the chits even after taking a loan and taking Detroit and most of New York, and despite my best efforts to attack the leader I wasn't able to compete for most of the game. I told some of the guys at the table that it was more fun losing that game than it had been winning a game where the "table-feeling" was uncomfortable.

In the end, it really is just a game. Enjoy the playing of it.