Sunday, September 6, 2009

Shakeup in the Top Ten

I decided to update my top ten and there is a new #2.

Thanks to the El Presidente expansion, Cuba has moved into the #2 slot behind perennial top pick Air Baron.

Cuba has always been a game I enjoy and I'm going to start pushing to play this more at home. I'd like to get my play numbers up with this.

Power Grid stays at #3 for now, but with the lack of playing it's going to be tough to justify keeping it there. I love this game with 4 players, and it's .....ok for 3, but it's so rare to get 4 players to play this and I'm not a fan of the BSW system for some reason.

New #4 - Stone Age. Thanks to the Yucata implementation I've been able to play this a lot. 28 plays and counting. When I did my 1,000 logged geeklist, Stone Age sat ranked 23rd in terms of games played with 7. Now it ranks 10th. I expect this game to be the highest jumper when I put out my 1,500 logged list.

Everything else moved down with the exception of Vegas Showdown. I bumped that from 10 to 7. Tikal will overtake Air Baron in terms of plays shortly, as they are tied at 157 - but I've grown kinda weary on Tikal. I didn't think I could burn myself out on a game, but I'm pretty much there. I'll still enter the SpielbyWeb tournaments, but I'd rather play Stone Age online right now.

The updated top ten is on the right hand column with links to each game.

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